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that all people should have access to personalized wellness programming and professional guidance

Why Hire Us

We bring wellness to workplaces through facility design, fitness solutions, movement, coaching, health promotion and mental well-being. Our engaging professionals and wellness app reach all employees, regardless of where they work. 

We have over 30 years of experience managing workplace wellness solutions for a wide range of companies, the public sector and property owners. Our customers choose us for our scale, technology, customization and hospitality, and stay with us for the positive results — in fact, 99% of our customers stay with us year-over-year.

For customers with a global footprint, we can staff in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. We can also provide digital services in any non-sanctioned country.

Explore our well-being solutions

Design for Fitness and Wellness Spaces
Bring your well-being vision to life and create wellness spaces designed to build excitement. We consult on everything from boutique to single-tenant corporate to multi-tenant property fitness centers and wellness spaces.
Fitness Center Management
Attract and retain talent with comprehensive fitness center programming designed to engage and support employees with their wellness goals. We manage all aspects of your fitness center to provide a clean, safe and inviting environment to welcome employees of all fitness levels.
Take a proactive approach to improve comfort and decrease risk of injury with a dedicated ergonomic specialist, online assessment tool and educational resources. Our ergonomic program, ErgoPro, is designed to help employers reduces the prevalence of muskuloskeletal injuries and discomfort related to work risk factors.
Wellness Coaches
Support employees in reaching their health goals. Workplace coaching is a proactive approach to lifestyle changes to improve overall well-being. Our professional coaches build trusted relationships and support employees in taking ownership of their health.
Health Promotion
Partners with you to raise awareness and drive engagement in all well-being programs to help employees make healthier habits.
Mental Health Engagement
Reduce stigma and build a culture of inclusivity in the workplace with mental health awareness, education and Mental Health First Aid training.
Nutrition Services
Provide employees safe, realistic and maintainable nutrition solutions for improved health, regardless of where they are working. We empower employers to create healthy food environments in the workplace and educate employees on healthy nutrition.
Hybrid Solutions and Gym Network
Support your employees regardless of where they work with group fitness and personal training, virtual coaching and a nationwide gym network.

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