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We are a workplace well-being company. We specialize in providing wellness services to discerning corporations, the public sector and property managers who wish to enhance their workplace and be an employer of choice. Our goal is to promote healthy behavior change, improve morale and enhance the workplace experience through individual and group engagement. 

By offering a wide range of services, from design consulting and fitness center management, to coaching and health promotion services, we create workplaces where employees can thrive.

Our highly experienced staff is comprised of health and fitness professionals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, including exercise science, ergonomics, nutrition, population health and mental health. As an organization, we are committed to meaningful partnerships, advanced education and adapting the latest health and fitness trends for the corporate customer.


The positions we hire

Fitness Center Management

Our fitness center leaders set the tone, energy level and standard of excellence for the facility through day-to-day management of staff, operations and programming.

Exercise Specialists

Exercise specialists are the primary point of employee engagement through orientation appointments, personal training, employee activity programs and operational upkeep of the fitness center.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers deliver one-on-one and small group sessions, and utilize technology to deliver customized fitness programming.

Group Fitness Instructors

Our group fitness instructors bring their energy and enthusiasm to build fitness and well-being communities in our clients’ fitness centers. We have a lot of fun delivering a wide variety of traditional and on-trend group fitness classes.

Recreational Support

Our referees and specialized instructors organize and lead activities for sports programming and instruct participants on aquatic and rock gym activities.

Ergonomic Movement Specialist

Ergonomic movement specialists deliver proactive, reactive and ongoing support to address musculoskeletal concerns within employee populations.

Health Promotion Specialists

Our health promotion specialists implement strategic health engagement programming designed to engage employees in their well-being.

Mental Well-being Specialists

Our mental well-being specialists engage within employee populations to raise awareness of emotional well-being and build a culture of inclusivity. We certify our mental well-being specialists with Mental Health First Aid so they are equipped to assist employers with training and education.

Wellness Coaches

Our wellness coaches build trusted relationships and support employees in taking ownership of their health and reaching their goals.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Our nutritionists support healthy eating strategies for our clients’ employees in the workplace and those working remotely.

On-site Operations

Our receptionists and locker room attendants are the backbone of our fitness facilities, ensuring all member needs are met.

Service Delivery and Corporate support

We have an amazing, talented group of professionals dedicated to supporting our fitness and wellness teams — account support, tech support, payroll and accounting, member marketing, health education, recruitment and onboarding – who provide the tools and resources our staff need to succeed.

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