Privacy Use Notice


We recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important. The purpose of this policy is to let you know how we handle the information collected through the use of this website. Portions of this website may describe privacy practices applicable to specific types of information or to information provided on specific web pages.

This policy does not apply to information collected through other means such as by telephone or in person, although that information may be protected by other privacy policies. As used in this policy, terms such as “we” or “our” and “Company” refer to Optum and its current and future affiliated entities, including our parent company UnitedHealth Group.

Any information you provide, including any personal information, will be transferred to and processed by a computer server located within the United States.

Cookies and Tracking

The Company uses various technologies, which may include “cookie” technology, to gather information from our website visitors such as pages visited and how often they are visited, and to enable certain features on this website. “Cookies” are small text files that may be placed on your computer when you visit a website or click on a URL.
Cookies may include “single-session cookies” which generally record information during only a single visit to a website and then are erased, and “persistent” cookies, which are generally stored on a computer unless or until they are deleted or are set to expire.

  • Customizing your experience on the website including managing and recording your preferences.
  • Marketing, product development, and research purposes.
  • Tracking resources and data accessed on the website.
  • Developing reports regarding website usage, activity, and statistics.
  • Assisting users experiencing website problems.
  • Enabling certain functions and tools on this website.
  • Tracking paths of visitors to this website and within this website.

Your Personal Information

This website may include web pages that give you the opportunity to provide us with personal information about yourself. You do not have to provide us with personal information if you do not want to; however, that may limit your ability to use certain functions of this website or to request certain services or information.

We may use personal information for a number of purposes such as:

  • To respond to an email or particular request from you.
  • To personalize the website for you.
  • To process an application as requested by you.
  • To administer surveys and promotions.
  • To provide you with information that we believe may be useful to you, such as information about health products or services provided by us or other businesses.
  • To perform analytics and to improve our products, websites, and advertising.
  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations, and legal process.
  • To protect someone’s health, safety, or welfare.
  • To protect our rights, the rights of affiliates or related third parties, or take appropriate legal action, such as to enforce our Terms of Use.
  • To keep a record of our transactions and communications.
  • As otherwise necessary or useful for us to conduct our business, so long as such use is permitted by law.

We may use personal information to contact you through any contact information you provide through this website, including any email address, telephone number, cell phone number, text message number, or fax number. Please see the section below titled “Our Online Communications Practices.”

We may also share personal information within the Company, and we may combine personal information that you provide us through this website with other information we have received from you, whether online or offline, or from other sources such as from our vendors. For example, if you have purchased a product or service from us, we may combine personal information you provide through this website with information regarding your receipt of the product or service.

Sharing Personal Information

We will only share your personal information with third parties as outlined in this policy and as otherwise permitted by law.

We may share personal information if all or part of the Company is sold, merged, dissolved, acquired, or in a similar transaction.

We may share personal information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law or regulation. We may cooperate with law enforcement authorities in investigating and prosecuting activities that are illegal, violate our rules, or may be harmful to other visitors.

If you submit information or a posting to a chat room, bulletin board, or similar “chat” related portion of this website, the information you submit along with your screen name will be visible to all visitors, and such visitors may share with others. Therefore, please be thoughtful in what you write and understand that this information may become public.

We may also share personal information with other third party companies that we collaborate with or hire to perform services on our behalf. For example, we may hire a company to help us send and manage email, and we might provide the company with your email address and certain other information in order for them to send you an email message on our behalf. Similarly, we may hire companies to host or operate some of our websites and related computers and software applications.

This website may permit you to view your visitor profile and related personal information and to request changes to such information. If this function is available, we will include a link on this website with a heading such as “My Profile” or similar words. Clicking on the link will take you to a page through which you may review your visitor profile and related personal information.

Social Security Number Protection Policy

Protecting personal information is important to Optum. It is our policy to protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers (“SSNs”) that we receive or collect in the course of business. We secure the confidentiality of SSNs through various means, including physical, technical, and administrative safeguards that are designed to protect against unauthorized access. It is our policy to limit access to SSNs to that which is lawful, and to prohibit unlawful disclosure of SSNs.

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

To the extent you are accessing services covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), our privacy practices regarding covered health and medical information can be accessed by visiting our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

Website and Information Security

We maintain reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the information that you provide on this website. However, no security system is impenetrable and we cannot guarantee the security of our website, nor can we guarantee that the information you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet, and we are not liable for the illegal acts of third parties such as criminal hackers.

Our Online Communication Practices

We may send electronic newsletters, notification of account status, and other communications, such as marketing communications, on a periodic basis to various individuals and organizations. We may also send email communications regarding topics such as general health benefits, website updates, health conditions, and general health topics. We offer you appropriate consent mechanisms, such as opt-out, for marketing and certain other communications. As examples, you may opt-out as provided for in a specific email communication or contact us as described below in the section “Contact Us.” Please be aware that opt-outs may not apply to certain types of communications, such as account status, website updates, or other communications.

Information for Children Under 13

We will not intentionally collect any personal information from children under the age of 13 through this website without receiving parental consent. If you think that we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 13 through this website, please contact us.

Contact Us

To contact us regarding this policy and our related privacy practices, please email or write to us at: [email protected] or Optum Privacy Office, MN101-E013, 11000 Optum Circle, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. If you believe we or any company associated with us has misused any of your information please contact us immediately and report such misuse.

Effective Date

The effective date of this policy is Dec. 15, 2020.

Changes to this Website Privacy Policy

We may change this policy. If we do so, such change will appear on this page of our website. We will also provide appropriate notice and choices to you, on this website and in other appropriate locations, based on the scope and extent of changes. You may always visit this policy to learn of any updates.

The Section below applies only to residents of California:


This privacy notice is for California Residents in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). It explains what Personal Information (PI) we collect about you, where and from whom we obtain it, why we collect it, and your rights regarding it. This notice applies to any PI that we collect about you.

PI We Collect and Disclose for Business Purposes

In the preceding twelve (12) months, we may have collected the following PI about California residents and have disclosed it for business purposes described:

CategoryExamplesCollectedCategories of Third Parties We May Disclose to for Business Purposes
IdentifiersA real name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, email address, Internet Protocol (IP) address, account name, Social Security Number (SSN), or other similar identifiers.YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Personal information categories listed in the California Customer Records lawA name, physical characteristics or description, address, insurance policy number, employment, employment history, Bank account number, credit card number, debit card number, or any other financial information, medical information, or health insurance information. Some personal information included in this category may overlap with other categories.YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Protected classification characteristics under California or federal lawAge (40 years or older), gender, sex (including gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or childbirth and related medical conditions)YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Commercial informationProducts or services purchased, obtained, or consideredYesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Biometric informationGenetic, physiological, behavioral, and biological characteristics, or activity patterns used to extract a template or other identifier or identifying information, such as, fingerprints, faceprints, and voiceprints, iris or retina scans, keystroke, gait, or other physical patterns, and sleep, health, or exercise data.YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Internet and/or network activityBrowsing history, search history, information on a consumer’s interaction with a website, application, or advertisement.YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Geolocation dataPhysical location or movements.NoN/A
Sensory dataAudio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar information.NoN/A
Professional or employment-related informationCurrent or past job history.YesContracted Service Providers, Vendors
Education information subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActEducation records directly related to a student maintained by an educational institution or party acting on its behalf, such as grades, transcripts, class lists, student schedules, student identification codes, student financial information, or student disciplinary records.NoN/A
Inferences drawn from other personal informationProfile reflecting a person’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.NoN/A

PI does not include:

  • De-identified or aggregated consumer information
  • Publicly available information from government records
  • Health or medical information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA) or clinical trial data
  • PI covered by other privacy laws, including: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the California Financial Information Privacy Act (FIPA), and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994

Categories of Sources of PI

We obtain the categories of PI listed above from:

  • You or your authorized agent,
  • Organizations with which you are employed or affiliated, or
  • Activity on our apps and websites.

The collections from these sources can occur online, in person, on paper, telephonically or through other electronic means.

Why We Collect PI

We collect your PI for one or more of the following business purposes:

  • To respond to an email or particular request from you
  • To communicate with you
  • To personalize services for you
  • To administer surveys
  • To perform analytics and to improve our products and websites
  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations, and legal processes
  • To protect someone’s health, safety, or welfare
  • To protect our rights, the rights of affiliates or related third parties, or take appropriate legal action
  • To keep a record of our transactions and communications
  • To detect and protect against security incidents
  • To debug to identify and repair errors
  • As otherwise necessary or useful for us to conduct our business, so long as such use is permitted by law

In the preceding twelve (12) months, we have not sold any PI.

Third parties are not allowed to use or disclose your PI other than as specified in our contract and as permitted by law.

If we seek to use your PI for a materially different purpose than we previously disclosed in this notice, we will notify you and will not use your PI for this new purpose without your explicit consent.

Your Rights

  1. You have the right to request that we disclose certain information to you about our collection and use of your PI over the preceding twelve (12) months prior to your request. Once we receive and confirm your verifiable consumer request, we will disclose to you:
    • What PI we collect about you
    • Where and from whom we collect PI about you
    • Our business purpose for collecting PI about you
    • The types of third parties with whom we share your PI
    • The specific pieces of PI we collect about you (however, we will not disclose your actual Social Security number, driver’s license number or other government-issued identification number, financial account number, any health insurance or medical identification number, an account password, or security questions and answers)
    • The types of PI that we disclosed about you for a business purpose, and the categories of third parties to whom we disclosed your PI
  2. You have the right to be informed about the PI that we collect about you at or before we collect it. This is that notice.
  3. You have the right to request that we delete any PI about you that we have. Applicable law may require or permit us to decline your request. If we decline your request, we will tell you why.
  4. You will not be discriminated against or penalized for exercising your rights to your PI, and we will honor your rights by not:
    • Denying you services,
    • Charging you different prices or rates for services,
    • Imposing penalties, or
    • Providing you with a different level or quality of services.

How to Exercise Your Rights

  • You can submit requests for information about your PI by calling us: English speaking USA and Canada: 877-500-0062; Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288; or emailing us at [email protected].
  • You may be required to submit proof of your identity for these requests to be processed.
  • We will not be able to comply with your request if we are unable to confirm your identity.
  • You may designate an authorized agent to make a request on your behalf subject to proof of identity and authorization.


  • Our responses to any of your requests for the information described above will be limited to information that we have collected in the preceding twelve (12) months before our receipt of your verified request.
  • You will receive our response to your request within 45 days of your request, unless we provide you with notice that it will take more than 45 days to respond (in that case, we won’t take more than 90 days to respond).


We will review this CCPA Notice annually and update it from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this page and will become effective as of the “Last Revised” date. We encourage you to review this Notice periodically to be sure you are aware of those changes.

Last Revised:

February 2, 2021